glittergirl's top secret chili recipe...

the main ingredient is caboom chili seasoning. that's my secret.

brown & drain  lean ground sirlion and bison (50/50)
 caboom mixed in water, add to meat and simmer
black, red and white beans
((do not use black soy beans. blech.))
salsa (i used a mix of fresh salsa and chili's fire pit salsa)

that's it. you can make larger amounts (i do 3 pounds for parties) and let it simmer in the crock pot. you need the large scoop fritos, some cheddar and sour cream, if you want to do it right.

i sometimes add an extra ingredient like cumin, cinnamon, or chocolate. my mom does not like this. :)

turkey with green gravy

¼ cup butter, softened
½ cup fresh sage, minced
½ cup fresh tarragon, minced
4 teaspoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons pepper
1 teaspoon salt
6-pound turkey breast

1. Combine butter, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and salt. Rub over turkey breast.
2. Place turkey in slow cooker. Cover; cook on Low 8-10 hours or High 4-5 hours
3. Remove turkey and add cornstarch or wondra to make gravy.

I used 2 smaller turkey breasts, and have read recipes where folks add some white wine, parsley, and onion.

The photo used is not actually my turkey. I forgot to snap a pic so this will have to do.


marvelous meatloaf

1-1/2 lbs. extra lean ground beef
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1 (8-oz.) can no salt added tomato sauce, divided
1/4 cup plain dry bread crumbs
2 large egg whites, lightly beaten
2 Tbsp. Mrs. Dash® Hamburger Grilling Blend
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard


1.Preheat oven to 375F°. Combine meat, onion, carrots, 1/2 cup of the tomato sauce, bread crumbs, egg whites and Mrs. Dash® Hamburger Grilling Blend in a medium bowl. Mix lightly but thoroughly.

2.Shape into an 8 x 4-inch loaf on a foil-lined baking sheet. Combine remaining tomato sauce, Dijon mustard and brown sugar; set aside half of mixture. Spoon remaining mixture over loaf.

3.Bake 30 minutes; spoon reserved tomato sauce mixture over loaf. Continue baking 15 to 20
minutes or until internal temperature of meat reaches 160°F. Let stand 5 minutes before slicing.


homemade pesto & pasta salad

Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe

• 2 cups fresh basil leaves, packed
• 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan-Reggiano or Romano cheese
• 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 1/3 cup pine nuts or walnuts
• 3 medium sized garlic cloves, minced
• Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
• Special equipment needed: A food processor

1 Combine the basil in with the pine nuts, pulse a few times in a food processor. (If you are using walnuts instead of pine nuts and they are not already chopped, pulse them a few times first, before adding the basil.) Add the garlic, pulse a few times more.

2 Slowly add the olive oil in a constant stream while the food processor is on. Stop to scrape down the sides of the food processor with a rubber spatula. Add the grated cheese and pulse again until blended. Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
Makes 1 cup.

Pesto Pasta Salad Recipe

• 4 cups uncooked spiral pasta (use rice pasta for wheat-free version)
• 1 cup fresh basil pesto
• 2 Tbsp chopped green olives, or olive tapenade
• 1/4 cup pine nuts
• 1 cup frozen peas, defrosted (or fresh if you can get them)
• 12 ounces cherry tomatoes, halved
• Several fresh basil leaves, coarsely chopped
• 1 Tbsp olive oil
• Salt and pepper

1 Cook pasta according to instructions on the package. Make sure the water is salted (at least a half teaspoon per quart). Remove pasta from heat and strain when pasta is cooked, but still firm (al dente).

2 Put pasta in a big bowl. Mix in fresh basil pesto, green olives, and pine nuts. Gently mix in cherry tomatoes, peas, fresh basil leaves and olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Chill or serve at room temperature.