glittergirl's top secret chili recipe...

the main ingredient is caboom chili seasoning. that's my secret.

brown & drain  lean ground sirlion and bison (50/50)
 caboom mixed in water, add to meat and simmer
black, red and white beans
((do not use black soy beans. blech.))
salsa (i used a mix of fresh salsa and chili's fire pit salsa)

that's it. you can make larger amounts (i do 3 pounds for parties) and let it simmer in the crock pot. you need the large scoop fritos, some cheddar and sour cream, if you want to do it right.

i sometimes add an extra ingredient like cumin, cinnamon, or chocolate. my mom does not like this. :)


glittermom said...

sometimes more is not better....

David L. Reynolds said...

Was it really spicy?!