beer can chicken o'brien and mom soup, with random iphone photos....

i made some kick ass soup. my first attempt at homemade chicken soup ever! i took the carcass from my beer can chicken (recipe here) and then followed erin o'brien's turkey bone soup recipe (here.)

i followed every one of her bossy, hilarious steps. i could hear her voice in my head as i shopped for ingredients... "don't buy those pre-chopped onions, ya pansy!"....."get the barilla pasta or just forget it and go home!!!" i ripped up the carcass with my bare hands, and smashed the bones. i didn't peel the damned onions. i cooked the huge pot of carcass, celery hearts, onions & carrot greens for almost 5 hours. i had a drink. i strained the junk and put it all in the fridge overnight. got up at 5am the next day and finished the steps. i spent 1/2 an hour just sorting through the "junk" to fish out the meat and then add celery and carrots (also cooked in a little broth.)

i did sneak in a few spoons of chicken soup base at my mom's suggestion. it was looking a little watery. i cooked it all on the stove for another hour after work until dan got home. i had the barilla (farfelle) pasta ready to go. it turned out so good. we ate huge bowls of it for dinner and i've got some packed for my lunch today.

there's something really fun and satisfying about learning to cook and making something so basic, essential, inexpensive and delicious.