healthy low cal smoothie

this one is simple and you can vary it to make it vegan by replacing dairy yogurt with soy yogurt.  or make it with protein powder.  honey give it a nice flavor too.

start with fat free vanilla yogurt.  add some splenda.  then ice and fruit.  frozen fruit is even better and you can skip the ice that way.

fruit variations:

the orange julius:  frozen pineapple, banana and OJ

berry blast:  frozen blue berries, strawberries, etc...

classic:  banana and strawberry


breakfast sandwiches

when my super sweet boyfriend got word from the doc that his cholesterol was similar to "a 90 year old man who lived on a dairy farm and ate butter like it was going out of style", i decided to come up with some healthy crap we could eat and not be miserable. he was my guinea pig and helped me come up with these delicious, healthy and easy to prepare breakfast sanGwiches. (enjoy!)

#1 breakfast sangwich: "the patty-pepper suprise"
Toast an "everything" bagel, add fat free american cheese and allow it to melt. fry 2 morning star veggie sausage patties in a pan with a small amount of olive oil on medium heat. allow them to get crispy on the outside, and add to bagel w/cheese. then scramble egg beaters (i prefer plain, but the boyfriend likes the "garden vegtable".) scramble in a pan sprayed with a light oil spray (like pam.) add seasoning (salt & pepper or season salt like herbamare if you have the high BP). and finally, add a few mild banana peppers. YUMMY!

#2 breakfast sangwich: "the i ain't fakin', it's not bacon!!!"
toast 2 pieces of white bread (italian with sesame seeds), add swiss cheese and allow to melt. fry 3-4 pieces of morning star's veggie bacon in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. be careful to not over cook (blech!) but allow to get crispy. follow the same egg beaters & seasoning advice above. add a few splashes of hot sauce and ENJOY!!!

#3 breakfast sangwich: "the i'm too tired to care what i name the damn thing!"
ok. blah blah, similar to the 2 above. this one involves a toasted english muffin and morning star breakfast links. use the same egg beaters (or maybe try the chive and cheese kind that i might try someday), fat free american cheese and hot sauce. see how it's a combo of the first 2? do the same crap i said above and eat it and shut up.

ok, it's 4pm, time to go home. i think i need a vacation. he he he.....