roasted beets & salad ideas...

so i'm completely obsessed with beets.  not raw.  not pickled.  roasted.  they must be roasted.

here's how i roast mine:

i buy a bunch and scrub them.  then i peel them.  some people peel after they roast, and they are wrong.

after i peel them, i chop 'em up.  then i toss them in olive oil, coarse pink himalayan salt, and a little garlic powder.

i roast them at 400 degrees until they smell done to me.  they emit a lovely sweet smell.  usually around 30 minutes.

they are the best hot out of the oven.  when there are leftovers, i like to toss them with some crumbled stinky cheese (blue or goat) and add walnuts or pine nuts.  YUM!

leave out the cheese and it's vegan.

some people cook the leafy greens that come with the beets.  i haven't tried it yet, but i bet they'd be great super slow cooked with some butter and garlic.

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