mini burgers & grilled lettuce

my super special burger recipe:

take 1 pound of super lean ground beef and mix in whatever you feel like and have on hand. last night i added lawry's season salt, an egg, a splash of soy sauce, and a 1/2 cup of crunchy moccormick's salad topper mix.

i know, that seems odd, but it's good. there's little bacon bits in the mix that add a great flavor, and the other stuff (sunflower seeds, dried onion & carrot bits) works as well.

make small pattied and grill them, and put them on a small french roll. slice the rolls, add american cheese, and bake for a few minutes to get them toasty and the cheese melted. yum!

awesome grilled romaine lettuce recipe:

get a bag of romaine lettuce hearts and slice them in half (lengthwise) making sure stalk end stays intact (you don't want the lettuce to fall apart in leaves.) soak it in ice water for 5 minutes. take it out, dry it, and spray it with olive oil cooking spray. sprinkle with salt.

place on grill and watch for a few grill marks - this should take maybe 3-5 minutes. you want the lettuce to get a few grill marks but not burned. i keep the grill on low and turn the lettuce 2-3 times. remove from grill, cut the stalk ends and place in a large bowl. sprinkle with a balsamic vinegrette and some parmesan cheese. again, yum!

(i took pics of the grilling i did last night, but they are not available at the moment, so i'll find pics on google that look similar.)


glittermom said...

the lettuce looks like corn on the cob without the corn

groundcat said...

it tastes better then you would think

glittermom said...

I guess you can grill just about anything....