pork chop bubble gum

questions for the cooks out there:

why is it, sometimes my pork chops come out chewy? am i over or under cooking them?

i use shake-n-bake and stick them in the oven, and sometimes they turn out perfect, and sometimes they end up tough and chewy. is there some secret pork cooking trick i don't know?

another question: is it ok to take a hot frying pan and stick it in the sink with cold water? it makes a lot of noise (sizzle and pop) but seems to do no harm.

and finally, why does the coffee creamer sometimes not dissolve and float to the top of my cup of coffee? it happens when i put creamer and splenda in the cup first, then pour the hot coffee.

the mysteries of the kitchen...........


glittermom said...

If you put a hot pan in the water which is cooler than the pan it can warp the pan...I have a few pans that don't sit flat on the stove because of that...

glittermom said...

is it liquid creamer you are using? If so I don't think the order you put it in has anything to do with it...maybe its old? when you stir it , does it dissolve then? Are you drinking beer while doing this by some chance?

glittergirl said...

my pans aren't warped, so i'll keep doing it i guess.

and no, i am not mixing beer drinking and coffee drinking. i'm not that insane!!!

Whitey said...

Those remind me of a dog food we used to by my first dog called "Tender Chops"

Groundcat said...

is that a suicide note from Porky? it makes me sad.

anne altman said...

for the best porkchops, never fail:

thick center cut


shake and bake for pork.

fantastic everytime.

Anonymous said...

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