corn & black bean salad

i love throwing this together with whatever's in my fridge.  i always have corn in the freezer and cans of black beans.  the trick is to roast the corn first.  if corn is cheap & in season, buy it fresh and roast it in the oven in its husks.  you can roast canned or frozen corn too.  just put it in a pan with a little olive oil & sea salt and roast in the oven.

my favorite ingredients:
roasted corn
black beans
grape tomatoes
orange pepper
fresh cilantro
a dash of extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
a squeeze of fresh lime
champagne vinegar


Groundcat said...

it was really good on taco's tonight w/o the avocado.

You should have a separate food blog.

keep it separated!

glittermom said...

add some rice and grilled chicken and you've got a Taco Bell cantina Bowl...

jen said...

ok, so i listened to my bossy husband and now i have a new blog!