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this is even funnier when you see this side by side. lisa ann rules!!!

this fall has been beautiful...i'm enjoying every moment. taking thousands of photos of fall leaves and bright blue skies.

last night i came up with this recipe. it's easy & could be tweaked to be healthier.

ciabatta bread, sliced to make a sub
(i tore out some of the bread on one side, making a sort of boat to hold stuff)
slice of cheese (i used asiago since we're out mozzarella)
bake until it gets crispy and cheese melts
mix chicken with spaghetti sauce and heat in microwave
(i used a pepperoni pizza sauce we had left from the weekend which we love. it's got the flavor of pepperoni without the fat.)
fill the "boat" of the bread with the mixture
smoosh the 2 sides together and enjoy.

not that it's rocket science. just a lazy girl's parmesan sub. i'm not always lazy. this weekend i made an elaborate meatloaf recipe from scratch:

i'm also still completely addicted to mojito's "virgin rickey". here's my exact version:

schweppe's club soda is preferred, but you can go cotton club if you must
put 3 ice cubes in a fancy glass
squeeze and entire 1/2 of a lime over the ice
don't even think about using lime juice from a bottle
pour soda on top of ice
watch it bubble and fizz:

and speaking of recipes, congratulations to mark over at eatingcleveland.com!!!!


glittermom said...

was one of your meatloaf secret ingredients cinnamin?

glittermom said...

sorry I couldn't resist...

You better know who!!! said...

Sorry, I have to change topics and ask you a question. I was talking about seeing 'The Secret Lives of Bees', a book you made me read. And I got to thinking about a lot of good books you got me to read- The Lovely Bones, and several each by Augusten Bouroughs and David Sedaris. And they were wonderful and I really enjoyed them.
Did you ever read ANYTHING by Douglas Adams, or are you now DEAD TO ME??


um..... well....i tried to read that hitchhiker book....i really did try! but i kind of hated it.


uc freak said...


Chris said...

how can you....wait...you....HATE...the hitchhiker's guide?! seriously?! that's it! you're dead to me too!

I'm NO LONGER showing up to your reception. I will still stay at the hotel across the street, but I will NOT go to the reception and will not even LOOK at the hard rock. I will not even use the words "hard", "rock" at all this weekend.


yeah, it's a dumb book and reminds me of black adder, red dwarf, and all that weird british sci-fi humor i don't get.

chris, you can go ahead and hang out at the hard rock, since the reception is at the house of blues.


(that made me laugh/snort)

Chris said...


*hangs his head in shame because he's a moron*


and now my day is complete.